Will’s First Birthday

Today is the day.  It is sweet, sweet Baby Will’s first birthday.  I have so many emotions and thoughts in my head, but I can’t seem to find the eloquent words I need to adequately express my feelings.

Except for one word…thankful.
 for what was one year ago today; the scariest day of my life.  A day full of fear with a tiny bit of hope mixed in.  Prayers that the doctors were wrong.  Prayers that God would help us get through whatever was coming that day.  As I sat in that hospital bed waiting on Will to be pulled from my body, I didn’t know how I would be able to go on if the unthinkable happened.  I prayed.  I held the prayer quilt our church had given us.

Photo by Julia Wade Photography

I was wheeled into the OR full of thoughts about how I would soon be meeting my son.  I thought there was a real possibility I would say hello and goodbye in quick succession.  The plan was for Will to be delivered via c-section and then he would be quickly whisked away so he could cling to life.  I laid on the bed in the OR being stitched up alone, doctors talking quietly, no one sure what to say to the crying, shaking mother.  I held onto my phone waiting on a text from my husband, Carlton, who had gone to be by Will’s side.  Soon this picture came through.  The first picture of my precious boy.  He was alive.  Praise be to God.  I was thankful.

Photo by Julia Wade Photography

Today, again, I am thankful.  Thankful to God for giving us this miracle.  Thanks to everyone for all their prayers and support during this past year and during our crazy roller coaster ride of a pregnancy.

Photo by Julia Wade Photography

Thankful to my husband for being the most amazing Dad and partner through all of this. Thanks to my sweet girl, Emme, for being the best big sister and most compassionate daughter.  Thankful for our friends and family that have been there as a shoulder to lean on in the tough days and for being Will’s biggest cheering section.  Just soooo thankful for everything our journey with Will has taught us.

It’s hard to believe we’re here at this milestone already.  I am beyond thrilled that Will is here….he’s alive….he’s doing so amazingly well….and God is good.  I am thankful.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy.  I love you more than words…truly.
I also can’t celebrate Will’s first birthday without thinking about two other very special families with sweet babies that are also getting ready to turn one this month.

Gorgeous Aubree will turn one tomorrow!!  She is in the PICU at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) recovering from her 2nd VEPTR surgery.

Beautiful Aubree

And sweet, sweet Madden will turn one on May 25.  He is also in the PICU at CHOP recovering from his 2nd VEPTR surgery.

I feel so very blessed and pray every single day for all of the other kids out in the world with Jeune Syndrome.  I also think of all the little babies that are now angels and pray for those parents to find the peace and strength needed to go on.  It just isn’t fair that these precious babies and their families have to go through so much.  Please join me in praying for them and for the doctors working to help save the lives of these beautiful, brave and strong children.

Hug your kids tighter today.  Each and every one of them is a miracle and gift from God.